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Rafi is not just a company; we are a group of talents who pursue to redress the power of technology solutions. It’s not a fairy- tale, we bridge the gap between your business and technology by shooting your business pains to deliver you impactful solutions.

We established in 2018 with the main concept of rectifying the traditional perception of technology that states digital solutions is just a glory not one of the most basic assets in a business success journey.
We steer clients to the next generation of business innovation powered by technology with state-of-the-art software development and digital marketing services. Since Rafi’s inception, proven, demonstrate and invent unique products, techniques, and capabilities that far and uniquely distinguish us from other software providers as we are specialized in developing various solutions that are tailored to utilize the international standard. Rafi is powered by highly skilled professionals of professors, consultants, developers, and executives equipped with the latest managerial and IT tools and works round the clock to assure the timely delivery of your applications with the highest quality.

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Digital Marketing

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ERP System

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We Do Not Deliver Products We Build an Experience

We offers a complete lineup of information technology services to clients from both the international and local business landscape. We provide IT services to help you meet and exceed your company goals. Whether it’s to improve company efficiencies or simplify database management practices. We also develop and enhance software to keep your direct customers happy and satisfied, increasing the likelihood of repeat business for you.
we understand the needs of your business and able to provide customized IT products as a renowned value- added distribution company in the industry. Our undeniable cooperate strength is built on four pillars of our success such as knowledge, warranty, support, and availability.

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